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Pregnant in Prison? Some States Deliver Doulas

In a small but growing number of states, expectant inmates are getting help dealing with the trauma of giving birth and then having to say goodbye.


Can ‘Psychodermatology’ Explain Why Peeling Your Sunburn Feels So Good?

During a recent beach trip, I experienced a sunburn on my back so bad I considered taking myself to the ER. When the pain finally subsided days later and all of the skin on my back began to peel, I started picking at it. 


With Hospitals in Critical Condition, Can Rural America Survive?

The worrisome state of rural health care has led many to wonder.


The Holiday Spike in Domestic Abuse

It's not new, and it's getting worse this year.


Why Abortion Clinics Are Also Closing in Blue States

Planned Parenthood gets most of the attention in the abortion debate. But independent clinics and their employees actually provide the majority of abortions in America -- and are more at-risk.


Unraveling the Mysterious Impacts of Lightning on the Human Body

Scientists in South Africa also hope to improve safety education in the "lightning capital of the world."